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About us 


VNDCATED (/ˈvindəˌkāt,ed/) is an urban clothing brand founded by a non-conformist duo. Based in Los Angeles, our brand aims to expose and spread positive influences through the products we deliver.

As a duo we feel that many brands in the current urban fashion industry are radiating too much explicit and unhealthy messages to their customers, who are often youths and young adults that are still growing up and learning.

We want people who put labels on others based on their personal perspectives, to realize that they have no rights and definitely in no position, to judge others. For all the things that could and have gone wrong in society, we are after all a part of it.

Also, we want those being judged to not feel discouraged by what others think of them and just be themselves - though it does not mean they can go around taking advantage of the situation.

Therefore the name VNDCATED - to be free from judgement.


Lastly, if you are wondering why there is no “I” in our VNDCATED, this is the part where we hope we can expose to society - that it is not always about “me” or “I”. 
As human beings, we have this nature to only think for ourselves, for our own selfish needs & wants - forgetting that there is a greater picture, a greater cause, and definitely a greater purpose in this life.